Labour in respect of all Airbrake Repairs will be charged at a rate of R320.00 Per Hour;

  1. Our standard call-out fee during normal work hours (08h00-17h00) is R240.00;
  2. Our call-out fee after hours and weekends/public holidays is R280.00;
  3. If the break down assistance is within a 50 km in radius from where the roadside assistance vehicle leaves, no call travelling charges will be levied. However, if the client requires assistance outside the 50km radius, a standard rate of R6.25 per km will be charged from the place where the vehicle leaves (during office hours);
  4. Our after-hours labour rate remains R320.00 per hour. However, we charge our standard traveling fee of R6.25 /km in respect of all after hour call-outs regardless of the radius of 50km (calculated from the place where the repair vehicle leaves our premises).

Terms of Service

  • We give a 3-month warranty on all of our reconditioned valves; and a 6-month warranty on all new valves;
  • All warranties will be considered void if we find that the air-tanks have not been maintained properly (I.e. abuse) and/or have been tampered with. Signs of abuse usually includes but is not limited to tanks that have not regularly been drained (signs of oil, water or rust will be found in the system) and this eventually results in an unstable air system.
  • All goods remain the property of Sprint Air-Mech until fully paid.

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